Gaben Kingdom

The ultimate tribute to our lord and savior Gaben

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My name is Gaben.
This is my kingdom.

My reign has one, primary purpose - to provide gamers with good and cheap games. I mean, good games are "good enough", but good AND cheap games are definitely better don't you think?

What is the best way to buy cheap some AAA games? Sales of course! I am generous god. My dear gamers, I shall grant you not one, not two, but at least FOUR sales per year. One for each season.

Each one filled with great games from various genres and from various developers. Every single gamer will be satisfied. Every single wallet will be emptied!

One is for spring - when snow melts and animals wakes up from winter sleep you shouldn't bother them so just play some games.

One is for summer - the hot air is killing you? Turn on some air conditioning and load some games.

One is for autumn - you shouldn't risk catching a cold. Just stay indoors and play another game.

One is for winter - I mean, common, who likes to freeze anyway? Here is your mug with hot chocolate and another game to play. Have fun!

I, who granted title "lord and saviour", swear to everyone, that I will protect the sales from corporate greediness. I swear, that I am guardian, judge and executioner. I am the one, who will inflict justice on everyone who dares to threaten the sales.


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